Stepney Workers Club is a London brand inspired by the inclusive culture of traditional workers sports clubs. Our purpose is to redefine what a modern-day sports brand can be.

Our brand message ‘Freedom of Sport, Freedom of Thought’ and the handshake symbol represent the values, liberal thinking and unity that we associate with these groups. The unisex footwear is a rethink of timeless, genre-less sports classics that have been adopted by varying sub-cultures over the decades.

Our Handshake

When we started S.W.C it was the unity and inclusiveness of traditional Workers Sports Clubs that inspired our core brand values and our ‘Handshake’ logo.

Our club message ‘Freedom Of Sport, Freedom Of Thought’ and the handshake symbol represent these values, community and liberal thinking that we associate with these groups.

Freedom of Sport - Freedom of Thought

Freedom of sport – ‘Sport is the physical and present’.

We are drawn to the aspects of amateur sport that focus on community, belonging and the social sides of it. We reference how sport brings groups together and makes connections. 


Freedom of thought – ‘Thought is the intangible and connected’.

This part of our brand message references our ideas on how every living thing in the universe is connected and part of this huge collective consciousness that we are not able to comprehend yet. It is about being open to ideas and receptive to different views and ways of thinking.