S.W.C & End. Predator/Prey Pack.

S.W.C & End. Predator/Prey Pack.

Presented by Micro Dudes. 

We team up with our good friends End. to bring you our ‘Predator/Prey’ pack. Featuring three of our mainstay silhouettes in animal prints; Dellow S-Strike, classic Dellow and Lister.

This collection is inspired by the animal kingdom and focuses on three free-roaming animals; Deer, Giraffe and Leopard. All constructed with bovine hair-on leather (‘pony’) to create a premium and realistic animal pack.
Featuring details:
- Animal illustrations and Latin name on reverse of tongue labels.
- Illustrated shoebox.
- Printed ‘FREEDOM OF SPORT’ and ‘FREEDOM OF THOUGHT’ brand messages on sidewall foxings.
- Co-branded heel patches & footbeds.

Micro Dudes have taken this collaboration and designed a bespoke safari setting incorporating the shoes within the set. The installation spans 1.4m of hand painted and 3D printed models which elevate and compliment the shoes being captured in the wild.

Exclusively available via End.  


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