S.W.C & Kartik Research Capsule Collection

S.W.C & Kartik Research Capsule Collection

Stepney Workers Club & Kartik Research join forces over a shared love of sport.The capsule collection consists of a sneaker and 4 apparel pieces taking cues from sportswear and cricket culture. Sport clubs create communities, unify people and can build a languageless universal religion. Cricket serves as a uniting force in India, transcending regional differences and forming communities via this shared pastime. 

The collection focuses on an S.W.C & Kartik Research co-branded sports club emblem inspired by the brand message ‘FREEDOM OF SPORT, FREEDOM OF THOUGHT’ and fuses elements symbolic of British & Indian cricket culture, unity, sport clubs and astral connectivity.

Campaign shot by @aaryansinha.

Collection overview:

Sneaker - A rework of the Amiel S-Strike running sneaker in Ecru ‘cricket’ tones. Kartik’s iconic vintage Kantha quilting fabrics are utilised on the ‘S-Strike’ identifier panels and as an unexpected alternative to technical sneaker mesh materials throughout the shoe. The Kantha fabric borders featuring colour embroidery have been worked onto tongue panels with asymmetric co-branding labels. Mirror circles on the back heel which has become synonymous on some of Kartik’s key pieces.

Varsity Jacket – Made using vintage Kantha quilting fabrics so each piece has its own unique character and wear marks. Pairing ecru Kantha arms with red Kantha body to reflect the two key colours historically associated with cricket. Front panels featuring mirror ‘western’ detailing, hand embroidered ‘Kartik’ and ‘Handshake‘ motifs. Reverse side features large hand embroidered collab emblem. 

Training Top - Made from cotton handloom fabric sourced from Bengal, India, and dyed naturally with plant extracts to give a unique feel and colour. Featuring also hand embroidered collab emblem on the chest.

Chore Coat - Cotton ecru denim made on a handloom custom mill in Himachal Pradesh, India. Back panel features large hand embroidered collab emblem in contrast navy stitch.

Track Pant - Cotton Handloom fabric from Himachal Pradesh, India. Featuring small hand embroidered collab emblem and row of mirrors running down the side of the pant.

Available 21st of March 2024 from stepneyworkersclub.com, kartikresearch.com and select retailers. 


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