S.W.C & Agaric Fly – ‘FOS-FOT’ Incense Twin-Pack

S.W.C & Agaric Fly – ‘FOS-FOT’ Incense Twin-Pack

Stepney Workers Club team up with Melbourne incense heavyweights Agaric Fly to create the ‘FOS-FOT’ incense twin-pack.

The collaboration focuses on the mantras ‘Freedom of Sport’ and ‘Freedom of Thought’ and the creation of contrasting scents to represent them as 14 hand-dipped incense sticks.

‘Freedom of Sport’ represents the physical & present. The ‘FOS’ incense melds Cassia, Oud and Vetiver which energise and stimulate positivity.

‘Freedom of Thought’ is about the intangible & connected. The ‘FOT’ incense blends Ylang ylang, Tagate and Moss which promotes calm and reconnection with the sub-conscious and its surroundings.

Product Description: 

- 100% bamboo incense sticks with compressed scented wood powder
- Freedom of Sport scent: Cassia, Oud & Vetiver
- Freedom of Thought scent: Ylang Ylang, Tagate & Moss
- 14 Piece (7 of each)
- 45 min approximate burning time
- Made in Melbourne, Australia

About Agaric Fly
“In a universe forgotten eons ago, Agaric Fly was born. The spiritual and the physical came together - blending aroma molecules and natural oils to transmit real-time sci-fi sensory signals to the brain and spirit. Enhancing alpha wave processing and creating a deep ambient experience. We create hand-dipped incense in Melbourne, Australia to purify our quintessence and cleanse the mind. Each stick burnt becomes a beacon to the past inheritors.”

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